What do you expect Windows 10 to be like?

windows 10

According to Reuters, Microsoft’s chief operating officer, Kevin Turner, told the Japanese news service Nikkei that Windows 10 will be made available in the late summer or early fall of 2015. Microsoft will eventually give us customers what we can expect from the new version of Windows–Windows 10.  Here’re something we might have as the new features,

1, More emphasis on the tablet-friendly, tile-based Start screen than the traditional desktop.

windows 10 more tablets-friendly

2, A new IE browser with  better user experience and cooler features.

windows 10 new IE

3, A single app store for all of its Windows 10 platforms with apps across smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

windows 10 app store cross tablets and destop


Let’s just wait and see what this new version will really be like in the near future.

How do I protect my devices from scratches?

aokshield premium protection


It’s high time you should stop the high cost and risk for your broken devices — It contains contact info, photos, and immeasurable amounts of irreplaceable and costly information. Damage to your device means damage to your life!

Chances are high that any device (e.g., smart phone, camera, iPod, etc.) will suffer some amount of damage or require preventative maintenance upon returning from the beach or a day hike in the mountains. Damage from exposure to sand, water and heat can ruin your device’s functions or permanently disable the device. What’s worse is that this sort of damage isn’t covered by manufacturer’s warranties or extended warranty plans.

The best protection is to be proactive. For starters, install a screen guard or full-body guard from companies such as AokShield.com. Next, keep any ports closed up by using the provided cover/cases. The problem can be solved simply by our premium 9H tempered glass screen protectors and mobile cases. AokShield gets your devices better protected than ever before!